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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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the fiery crash. hulk hogan ko's a celebrity web site, next. this is double scan radar, and you can see the gathering storms, in lieu san, georgia, and florida, and that is the system that will make the first day of spring, feel a lot more like winter in the tri-state area.
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get ready because we have some snow on the way. friday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is first a dramatic drop in temperature and then comes the precipitation. meteorologist adam joseph is live at the big board. adam, what will this look like. >> pieces at this point, jim, looking at double scan live radar. we have one over ohio/tennessee valley and then that area in the deep south, pulling some moisture out of the gulf of mexico. this area to the north will raza head of the system and clip us by especially in southern areas tomorrow afternoon before the southern system pulls up here on sunday. as we look at future tracker tomorrow afternoon we have that wave of energy to the west, in the lehigh valley and then we will start to see some precipitation in the form of the light rain, mixing with wet snow south of philadelphia a tomorrow afternoon. and then one area of low is off of carolinas. that low will head out to sea and then a third area of energy, comes in, from this
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south here, this is sunday, early in the morning at 3:00 a.m. where the not much is happening here. then that will take over as it head to the north, and it interest a acts with that low to the west. there is a lot of complicated piece that he is will have to come together here but by sunday afternoon at 3:30 is when the nor'easter starts to develop and heavy wet snow north and west and rain south and east. there are many atmosphere pieces involved here for this very complicated set up this weekend. how they interact depend on who sees what. the initial batch comes in, tomorrow afternoon, especially in southern areas, with that main batch, arriving on sunday. so the time line here is tomorrow afternoon, and evening, we will speed up that time for some light rain or wet snow breaking out especially south of philadelphia. a break tomorrow night, and then on sunday is when wet snow pulls in, i-95 north and west, rain south and east and everything tapers off here going into sunday night. we will show you a little
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closer look, jim with future tracker six and let you know about any adjustments in the totals in the full forecast. >> join us for "action news" starting 59:30 a.m., gray hall and meteorologist chris sowers will have latest track on the storm. pennsylvania's supreme court justice kevin doing hurt, is in the hospital tonight, after being attacked by a home less man in center city philadelphia. police say dougherty was punched in the face during 15th and market just after six. the attacker was quickly arrested by septa police at broad and girard. investigators believe dougherty may have been assaulted after the suspect asked for money. the judge is recovering at thomas jefferson university hospital. and he has been, the number one fugitive in all have of europe and tonight he is in police custody. a police and helmets, and riot gear, hit a neighborhood in brussels, to capture 26 year-old, salah abdeslam. he was the prime surviving
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suspect in last november's terrorist attacks in paris. he was one of the five people captured today. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live from the satellite center tonight, jeff. >> reporter: hi jim that four month international manhunt is now over. belgium authorities launched today's raid after salah abdeslam fingerprints were found in an apartment earlier this week. it looked, and sounded like a war zone. the streets of the brussels. the the city locked down, heavily armed swat teams moved in. cameras catches the moment one of the world's most wanted men is captured. salah abdeslam, believed to be the man in the white sweat shirt apparently shot in the leg before police pulled him off the ground and dragged him into a car. gun toting special forces looking for accomplices scoured the suburb known as a hot bed for jihaddism. >> he has probably been in that community for a number of weeks or months, and it has taken the authorities this long to figure out exactly
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which location. >> reporter: the 26 year-old french citizen is believed to be the only surviving of the group of terrorist who carried out the attacks in paris that killed 130. salah abdeslam rented the car that drove suicide bombers to the soccer stadium. a match was underway when blasts shook the ground. salah abdeslam also rented the car that dropped off isis gunman at bataclan theater where an american rock ban was performing. the as shots rang out a pregnant woman hung from the window calling for help. terrorist who alluded police for four months now in custody, and guarded behind these gates. >> this capture send a message to all extremist groups, that the law enforcement and intelligence community will continue to look for you, until they find you. >> reporter: white house says president obama contacted the leaders of the belgium and france and congratulated them on the a arrest. french president says more arrests are expect. we are live from the satellite center, jeff chirico for
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channel six a "action news", jim? >> thanks, jeff. back in this area good samaritans jumped into action tonight the to save a driver trapped in the burning building. a "action news" viewer sent us this video of the moments after 20 year-old tyrone gallup, slammed into a tree in winslow township. the accident happened just before 7:00, at new brooklyn aerial road in eat on hallow lane. several people worked to pull gallup to safety. he was flown to cooper medical center. at last word he is listed in critical condition. the fbi need your help tracking down a serial bank robber. officials say man in these surveillance pictures has hit at least three center city philadelphia banks. the most recent robbery happened yesterday. at the first trust bank at 1515 market street. the man is suspect of robbing the republic bank on walnut street in october. the beneficial bank on chestnut street last july. anybody with any information, is being urged to call the fbi
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at (215)418-4000. now to dramatic video you will see, only on "action news", this is surveillance video showing the moment that the suspected drunk driver, crashed into a toll plaza on i-95 in newark, on wednesday night. you can see cars stopped to pay the toll, and then a cadillac, that police say was driven by matt rue, speed in the area, and then plowness to two cars ahead of him. four people were hurt. rue was charged with dui and drug possession. it has been a day of some extraordinary, extraordinary upsets, the second day of march madness and for our local teams both a thrill of victory and agony of defeat. at this, this is the scene on hawk hill, as st. joes fans are, glued to the television, both cheering, and holding their hearts as they watch their team play the university of cincinnati, in spokane, washington with just a minute left in the first half, and we
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will let ducis rodgers tell us what the score is, in just a minute left in the first half. >> st. joes has a three-point lead just before the half. >> the hawks win they will get top seed oregon, that will be a tough one. how about villanova. nova had an easy time, temple did not. the lets start in brooklyn with villanova a facing unc/ashville. all week jay wright has had to hear about his lack of success in the tournament. first half, good start, for nova. miguel bridges with the steel. they lead by seven points. at the end of the first half, how about ryan arcidiacono, beats buzzer, he scores 14. nova wins 86-56. temple/iowa, temple down by three late, quenton decosey awarded three free throws fouled attempting a three pointer. he makes them all to tie the game, a at 53 and send it to overtime. final seconds of the overtime game tied, adam woodbury put
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back at the buzzer. it counts. temple loses 72-70. jeff skversky is in brooklyn and has reaction from both temple and villanova. >> it is thrill of the victory and agony of defeat all in the same building here in brooklyn. while temple is one and done,ville know of ace moving on. after a dominant second half against u.n./ashville help shot 72 percent. they were up by 30. they believe this is just the beginning. >> we're dangerous. when we defend and rebound we're dangerous but we are not so dangerous we cannot get beat by anybody. >> we went in the game knowing unc/ashville is capable of beating us. we have had respect for them. we were able to come out and play. >> emotions are much different for temple as they helped home wondering what could have been, one more rebound, one more basket. they missed 11 of 12 from deep, after half time. >> it is really tough, but i'm
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speechless right now. >> it is horrible. it is horrible. the especially for the seniors. the abruptness at the ending is, you know, frightening. it hurts. >> it hurts, after all of the seniors, you know, their career is over. >> it is tough pill to digest. the it hasn't really hit me yet. this is my last game. other seniors last game. >> bubble burst on what could have been first villanova/temple match up in the ncaa tournament in 46 years. instead nova gets a top iowa team on sunday. just ask temple. in brooklyn, jeff skversky for channel six a "action news". update you on that st. joes/cincinnati score, st. joes with a 41-40 lead at half, deandre bembry has carried team all season long and he has 20 points at the half. >> a florida jury has sided with hulk hogan. after six hours of deliberations, the jury awarded hogan 115 million-dollar, in his lawsuit against gawker media.
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hogan sued gawk for posting a video in 2012 with him having sex with his former best friend's wife. hogan said it was a violation of privacy, gawker's attorney says he will appeal. coming up on "action news", several high rises in north philadelphia are slated to come down tomorrow a ahead of preparations for the implosion, and its impact the on the neighborhood. an investigation, is underway. donald trump's son becomes target of the threat, adam. >> cold wind from the north, 30's syracuse, 20's in burlington, vermont. setting up for some snow over weekend. we will have very latest on accu weather. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars
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today at dunkin', save when you sip. come in for a freshly brewed medium iced coffee or iced tea for 99 cents. america runs on dunkin'. attention on 23rd and jefferson in north philadelphia tomorrow morning, that is when the philadelphia housing authority will stage a major implosion. "action news" reporter trish
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hartman was there and has the full story. >> reporter: workers make last minute preparations to the two high rises and 15 low-rise buildings that will be imploded tomorrow at the norman bloomberg apartments to make way for 1200 new apartments and low cost town homes. it is part of the philadelphia a housing authority's effort to reduce crime by getting rid of the high rises. >> we're putting people on top of each other, concentrated poverty. you have difficulty with security, you have difficulty managing and maintaining the properties. >> reporter: anbarrel is lives nearby and has noticed a difference since buildings were emptied in october. >> a big change, no people on the corners. no pockets of drug sales. >> reporter: engineering said they use small explosives to weaken structures and let gravity do the rest. >> it is a very simple, safe process, we clear area because we can. it is a a matter of risk management. >> reporter: those living adjacent to the implosion site in it or range section of the map will be asked to leave
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their homes by 5:00 a.m. people living in the red section are in the dust zone and encouraged to stay inside and keep their doors, windows closed. some folks we spoke with have doubts the about the changing landscape. >> you can change building but if the people you have, in charge of the development, if they are the same type of people, then it will be same thing going on. >> reporter: many people are looking forward to new housing, and new neighbors. >> i think that is a good reason why. >> reporter: buildings are set to come down at 7:15 a a.m. a comfort center will be available for those need to go leave their homes and need somewhere to go. safety officials will let folks know when it is safe to return home sometime tomorrow. reporting from north philadelphia, trish hartman, channel six a "action news". you can watch the implosion live on the air and on line the six again, thinks all scheduled for 7:15 in the morning. a dirt bike crash in florida has claimed the life of the baltimore ravens
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cornerback tray walker. miami dade police say walker was riding a dirt bike with no lights when he crashed into an suv last night. the 23 year-old played one year in the nfl, one season n a letter to the team ravens coach john harbaugh wrote that was the kind of phone call you never want to get as a coach, as a parent, as a brother or as a friend. investigation is underway tonight after son of the republican presidential candidate donald trump received a letter containing a suspicious white powder. tests showed that it was not hazardous but the envelope also contained a threatening letter. the package was sent to the home of eric trump, seen here on the right, his wife opened it up and powder dropped out. it was also a handwritten note saying if donald trump stays in the race the next envelope won't be a fake. on the campaign front tonight, hundreds of the protesters gathered outside of the donald trump rally in salt lake city.
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utah hold caucus on tuesday night. trump spoke inside the infinity event center. while he was occasionally heckled there was no out break of violence of any kind. meanwhile tonight romney announced he will vote for ted cruz on tuesday. saying more cruz victories will increase chance of a contested convention, in cleveland. ♪ >> this is the healing power of music at mary mercy academy in mere beyond station tonight. the young women there have have been helping sponsor the construction and maintenance, of girls school in cambodia and southern sudan. tonight's fundraiser will help go to those schools in africa. lets get that weekend accu weather forecast. a lot to talk about with adam joe's he he have. >> extremely complicated and never extremely confident with march snowstorms around here. >> so what are you saying?
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are you backing off a little bit. >> i'm just saying march snowstorms. >> we have some news. >> we do have some news. >> lets look at double scan live radar, all quiet at to this point. we will start weekend dry, it is turning a little chilly, colder air is coming from the north. thirty-seven in mount pocono. forty-two allentown. fifty-three in philadelphia. fifty in wilmington and right now the atlantic city airport sitting a at 45 degrees. the as we look at satellite ape radar crystal clear skies, for the most part. we have very dry air in place, now that colder air has pushed in. when we looked to the south and we look to the west, yes, there is moisture here. there is a couple pieces of energy. this first batch of energy will race its way to the east, and clip our region especially south of philadelphia tomorrow afternoon. that is little change, in the forecast. also this down to the south is going to kind of hold back, and until sunday when it will try to develop that
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nor'easter. your day planner for tomorrow, we will start with sun, and then cloud increase in the afternoon for philadelphia. high of 48 degrees. the it is chilly. south of the city tomorrow will start this introducing of light rain showers, it is 3:30 in the afternoon. especially in wilmington, dover, millville, shore communities. at times could try to mix with wet snow but you notice that this doesn't really push to the north here on saturday, so northern areas, best chance foreseeing a dry saturday, southern areas, could turn wet in the a afternoon and evening. and then we will catch a break here as that first energy heads out to sea. sitting here and we're waiting for things to unfold with temperatures in the 30's. then as we get into sunday morning, that is when the storm develops down to the the south. we will see wet snow breaking out, around lunchtime or so, sunday, north and west of philadelphia, rain to the south and east. even when it snows, it will melt as it the hits those pavement surfaces.
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as you look at temperatures in the the 40's, with some of that wet snow into sunday evening and down to the south, you can see that rain falling with temperatures right on the brink of it flipping over to some wet snowfall. snowfall map, it hasn't changed yet but thing is, if that coastal storm develops a little further east these numbers could get cut back but we are still going with this at this point for wilmington, philadelphia, trenton north and west, one to 3 inches of wet snow mainly on the non-paved surfaces. catch snow on the back edge, after some rain on sunday, this would be more into sunday night with the coating to inch in far southern areas. where it does snow it is very wet, it is very sticky, glue-like snow here, as we go in the second half of the weekend. mainly melts on the road. even with that wet snow, really not going to impede your travel here, sunday to sunday night. elevations play a big role especially higher terrain. colder air there you can add a little bit more snow and that
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rain snow line extremely tricky as well. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 48 degrees, early sun on saturday with showers developing, southern areas. wet snow, north and west, rain south and east on sunday at 38 . the as we go into next week it is brisk, chilly, sun back on monday at 46. near 50 on tuesday. partly sunny. then we will really pull those temperatures as we get into the middle and end of next week, very spring-like as we go towards 70 degrees but definitely check with chris sowers tomorrow morning on "action news" because again, the latest run that came in it the tries to develop that storm too far away and if that trend continues, you may have to drop those numbers but we will keep those numbers as of right now. >> earlier in the week accu weather was saying we could see snow, at dawn, as soon as we all wake up on sunday morning. we have pulled back from that. >> especially second round of precipitation it could go later into sunday, yeah. >> it was a foodies dream come
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true tonight at lowes hotel in center city philadelphia a hundreds of people turned out to a benefit for the jose garses foundation. attendees tasted foundations of the region's best chefs. and alycia vitarelli was on hand to mc event tonight. money raised goes toward making sure philadelphia's immigrant community has access to health care and education. members of the u.s. special forces were honored tonight in northeast philadelphia. councilman david oh hosted a fundraiser at conn stater in honor of the contributions of the area's veterans. entertainer went this including second street irish so side fife and drums.
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so, half time temple/villanova a in the books. >> that is where we will start temple and villanova range of emotions for these teams we will start in brooklyn with nova a two seed in the south region. nova facing unc/ashville, first half josh hart, cats up ten-two. they never trailed in this game. ryan arcidiacono beats the first half buzzer, 13, 's for know of a dann you'll ochefu, he is all of 17-point and ten rebound. nova rolls 86-56. >> we knew it would be a tough game. i know when you see 30 that is how it is supposed to be. the that is number one, three-point, one or two, three-point deeven ifing team in the country.
11:28 pm
we knew it would be a struggle. >> i think we did a good job at the end of the first half. we put them away. we came out strong in the second half. >> we went the in the game knowing they were a team capable of beating us. we had a lot of respect for them. we were able to come out and play well. >> temple and iowa, the owls come back from a 12-point deficit. key moment here, down three were four seconds to go, quenton decosey fouled shooting a three. he makes all, three free throws to send the game into overtime. final seconds of the overtime, this is a heart breaker. adam woodbury cleans up the mess, temple loses at the buzzer, 72-7o jeff skversky is in brook lip. >> i love these guys. that is the problem, you love them like crazy and the seniors are gone. it hurts, to be honest with you. that is the part of the problem of, you know, this situation, now the abruptness of the ending, it is,
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frightening to be honest with you. >> and st. joes in spokane, taking on cincinnati, right now we are just about to start the second half, hawks lead by one, deandre bembry has 20 points in this game. delaware has fired basketball coach monte ross after ten seasons on the job, delaware went seven-three this season. i'll have what ryan howard is having. spring training highlights coming up next. for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
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developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
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wild card spot host penguins
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tomorrow afternoon, jay voracek has been cleared to play but he will be a game time decision. sixers hosting the oklahoma thunder. russell westbrook had a triple double. twenty-six-point, 13 rebound, sixers lose 11-97. phillies and pirates, this afternoon. ryan howard, with a grand slam, in this one. he goes three for five with five runs batted in. phillies win, 15-12. in hershey tonight the high school boy state championship, newman goretti facing, mars. sane martin puts a exclamation point. they win third straight, state title 99-66. newman goretti girls won earlier today. friendly programming reminder, union home opener sunday against new england. catch it on six abc. coverage begins at the 2:00 in the a afternoon. the that is sports. >> another big legendary event that happens in hershey,
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basketball. >> yes, 100 points, wilt. >> yes, i remember. >> i don't know. >> i'm in the sure. >> i don't remember. i read a lot. >> we will check it the for you we will have it for you on monday. finally it was march madness for the mind tonight in fishtown. some of the region's brightest students took part in an academic competition at the rec center. the competition was structured like a basketball tournament. youngsters advanced to the next round by correctly answering questions about history, geography, even chemistry. this event is in the 15th year. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. a "action news" continues at the 5:30 with gray hall and meteorologist chris sowers. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a great night and great weekend. >> ♪
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>> dicky and former massachusetts governor mitt romney. with cleto and the cletones. and now, not only that, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thanks, everybody. i'm jimmy.


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